Step Forward Into The Future of Green Energy and Technology

NECA Chicago and IBEW Local 134 have put years into the design and development of this state-of-the-art facility, built with flexibility required for growth, and an ability to adapt to emerging technology changes in the industry. The Renewable Energy Training Field provides an ideal environment and technology showcase for both training IBEW local 134 electricians, as well as demonstrating key energy concepts to Electrical Contractors and their associates.

The facility provides a hands-on experience that encompasses all aspects of Renewable Energy, from wind to solar, electric car charging, battery storage, and a variety of techniques for managing and exchanging power with the electrical utility grid.

Making a Difference

The 2015 addition of our Renewable Energy Training Field provides a landmark step forward in history, and demonstrates our dedication to preparing our members for a future that embraces renewable energy.

The 125’ x 350’ field combines a full array of technologies, and emulates real-life scenarios that an electrician might encounter while out in the workplace. The facility utilizes space wisely, with a modern-designed building that encloses a variety of battery storage options, while at the same time provides an interior educational space and rooftop scenarios common to industrial and residential building construction.

Two towers, a 100-foot cell tower simulation, and a 60 foot enclosed climbing area allow students to experience the real-life challenges they will face while having to work at strenuous heights, including critical safety and life-saving skills and practices.

Solar arrays and panels provide highly diverse examples of ways to harness the sun’s power and convert it to usable energy, from fixed-tilt arrays, to dual axis tracking systems that follow the sun’s path for greater levels of energy absorption. Furthermore the field provides energy on-the-go, with a full electrical vehicle charging station that demonstrates variation in market technologies an electrician will run up against during installation and maintenance projects.

Opening Day - September 16th, 2015

Relive the September, 2015 Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for IN-TECH's Renewable Energy Training Field.

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