Area Contractors Engineer A Plan To Fight Cancer

On May 15, thousands of Chicagoans will gather in Grant Park to participate in the American Cancer Society's (ACS) Walk & Roll Chicago, an annual event intended to raise funds to fight cancer. Walk and Rollers have the option of participating in one of three events: a five-mile walk, a 10-mile skate, or a 15-mile bike ride. The suggested fundraising goal of $250 per person.

Thus far, Michael J. Deger, vice president with Niles-based electrical contractor Block Electric Co., has raised $13,100. "I've got a lot of friends and family who have been very generous," says Deger, who lost his father to liver and pancreatic cancer in March.

Block Electric is one of 11 Chicago-area contractors and suppliers participating in Walk and Roll under the auspices of Chicago Electrical Industry Community Outreach (CEI), an organization formed in part to raise funds for cancer research." "Many people in those firms have been affected by cancer, either personally or professionally," says Deger. "When we learned about the Walk and Roll event, we decided to put support behind that effort.”

Other participating firms include:

As of early May, ACS Chicago had raised nearly $111,000 for this year's event. Deger has surpassed so many of his earlier goals that he is continually setting new ones. He says several family members will be participating with him in the event.

Companies and individuals wishing to support ACS Chicago can either pledge dollar support by the mile or simply make a donation. To learn more about Walk & Roll Chicago, visit