“I’m all about energy conservation, but what
can I do right now to see a quick return on
my investment?”

Operating effectively in the Green Technologies space requires more than just knowledge of basic electrical concepts; electrical contractors must also understand how to apply Green Technology concepts to the unique electrical challenges faced by each of their customers. Green Energy investment promises of immediate benefits in reduced energy use and lower energy costs by steps such as retrofitting lighting and installing control systems. As the future energy needs of a building facility are evaluated, more advanced solutions such as solar energy and smart building technologies are often considered.

The electrical contractors from the National Electrical Contractors Association and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 134 increase their understanding of Green Technology and energy conservation when they earn a certificate through the National Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program (NALCTP). The NALCTP trains and certifies licensed C-10 electrical contractors and state-certified general electricians in the proper programming, testing, installation, commissioning and maintenance of advanced lighting control systems such as dimmers, occupancy sensors, photo-sensors, relay modules, and communication-based control devices. To earn certification, contractors must take 10-12 hours of online classes to learn the basics of lighting resources, followed by 50 hours of classroom lecture, completion of a series of hands-on projects and a written exam. Once certified, our contractors are qualified to work on a variety of building automation systems. Through proper installation practices, advanced lighting controls have the potential to improve energy efficiency in a wide array of commercial facilities and help achieve significant energy savings.

NECA/IBEW, Local 134 is committed to maintaining a reliable workforce of the best trained, most highly skilled, certified electricians who can provide the professional insight needed to guide your company or organization through the future path of energy conservation and cost savings.